Guty & Simone at your WEDDING...

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  • +39 339 6111945 (Guty)
  • +39 339 7864353 (Simone)
  • +39 75 9652827 (Guty - Answering machine)
  • +39 75 953013 (Simone - Answering machine)
  • EMAIL:

Guty & Simone’s Compact Disc:

If you want to listen to their latest CD, recorded live during one of their concerts ask for it here.
The CD will be sent to you free of charge anywhere in Italy if you require it to organize an event and want to test their quality level. For a “taste” of their music, go to the demo section.

Advertising Material

Advertising cards, colour posters in two sizes 70 x 100 e 50 x 70.

SMS List

A group of friends who follow them in their concerts! There are approximately 150 names of people who have asked to be contacted via mobile phone to be updated for our events. In order to do so they have implemented a facility of free text messages which are regularly sent once a week. If you want to be included onto their list, write Here.

NEW : look at their videos on Youtube : NEW

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