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Guty & Simone at your WEDDING...


The choice of passages carried out in their concerts, is the result of years of experience on stage and is modified in accordance to the particular requests of each bar, party and so on. As it is possible to ascertain, there are no limits tied to the type of music played. With Guty & Simone on stage it’s easy to listen to something different, not only the usual music, but an updated repertory, studied in every detail from a musical point of view and in continuous evolution. Here is a list of some of the many interpreters and singers of the passages that are commonly sung and played in their live performances:

  • In the Latin-american Repertory, some of the songs they play are by:
    Gipsy Kings, Ricky Martin, Los Lobos, Kaoma, P. Prado, Jeorge Ben, M. Makeba, A. C. Jobim, Celia Cruz, Los Locos, Ottmar Liebert, Lou Bega

  • The ROCK repertory includes songs by:
    U2, Queen, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Doors, Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Santana, Eagles, Oasis, Coldplay, Police, Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, Blues Brothers, James Brown, R.E.M., Eurhythmics, Elton John, Otis Redding, Robbie Williams and many, many others!

  • All the greatest Italian hits by:
    Battisti, Ligabue, Vasco , D.Silvestri, E.Bennato, Nomadi, Tiromancino, B. Antonacci, Jovanotti, Zucchero, A. Celentano, Lucio Dalla, Renato Zero, le Vibrazioni etc.

  • A whole lot of great successes of DANCE music of the '70s - '80s with: Kool & The Gang, Village People, Doobie Brothers, K. C. & The Sunshine Band, Santa Esmeralda, Sylvester, The Trammps, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, J. Sommerville, Bananarama, The Buggles, Bee Gees



Guty & Simone carry out a few different “theme” evenings from which to choose from, should you like to organise a particular event.

"Thoughts and words, homage to Battisti"

This is a concert in which only passages and songs by Lucio Battisti are performed, with the philological and artistic fervour of real lovers of this great long-lost singer and songwriter. This is an event which is greatly requested and of considerable interest.

"Fiesta latina"

In this concert some of the best Latin-american songs are performed. It’s impossible to resist!

“Dance evening of the 70s – 80s"

This is an evening characterized by some of the most enjoyable dance music of the golden years of the discotheque.

"Rock & Pop Concert"

Songs by the greatest rock and pop myths are played. They are songs which are sung with mastery by Guty and played with Simone’s guitar, who, with his famous "solos”, has recently won for the third time consequently the competition "Buona musica a tutti”, of the famous Italian magazine on music culture and didactics, "Chitarre".

Guty & Simone at your WEDDING...

NEW : look at their videos on Youtube : NEW

  • In the last photo, an article on Guty & Simone in occasion of their last tourney in Germany. This article was also published on the German newspaper, "Süddeustche Zeitung", of national circulation.

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