"Wedding is a science"
Balzac: Physiology of Matrimony

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The duo "Guty & Simone" is one of the most active musical subjects in the field of wedding receptions in Italy.

They know for experience (and They have more than ten years of a professional level of activity) what an important factor music is during such a unique event as a wedding is. Their musical preparation has been appreciated during several events in which they performed in front of both Italian and foreign newlyweds, who contacted them through their site (they also have a good knowledge of English) or after seeing them during one of their live concerts around Italy or abroad.

Besides their meticulousness and seriousness, their most appreciated characteristic is that they can play tracks of any kind of music during your wedding receptions: great hits of Italian and International music from the '50s to our days and a good repertory of dance disco music from the '70s and '80s as well as a good choice of Latin American music.
They believe that wedding guests always enjoy listening to a sought-after repertory which includes all those songs and tracks which are among some of the most beautiful pages of modern music (Beatles, James Brown, Blues Brothers, Eric Clapton, Doors, Dire Straits, Eurhythmics, Eagles, Elton John, Jimy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Otis Redding, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Police, Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, R.E.M., Rolling Stones, Santana, U2, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Williams and many others..).

Moreover, another aspect which distinguishes them, is the possibility, if you give them enough time, to prepare, without any limits of music type, songs to which the bride and groom are personally tied and to prepare a personalized repertory for this special event, which is without doubt a unique experience, to be remembered always.

(you will receive a free CD for your request)

  • +39 339 6111945 (Guty)
  • +39 339 7864353 (Simone)
  • +39 75 9652827 (Guty - Answering machine)
  • +39 75 953013 (Simone - Answering machine)
  • EMAIL: info@gutyesimone.it

NEW : look at their videos on Youtube : NEW

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